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Introducing the LR-1 S
At Lyro we designed, developed, and deployed our game-changing robotic packing solution, a breakthrough in addressing the labour-intensive challenge of packing perishable goods.

With our innovative technology, we offer a reliable, effective, and continuous method of packing these goods into boxes for transport. Our robotic solution revolutionizes the industry by ensuring quality while increasing throughput like never before. Gone are the days of manual labour and human error, as our robotic system seamlessly takes over the task, guaranteeing consistent results every time.

Our cutting-edge solution is the ultimate answer to the pressing need for a reliable and efficient method of packing perishable goods, providing a game-changing solution for any business in the food supply chain, saving you time and money in the packing and re-packing process.

This solution can be applied to a variety of different general household and food items.

Robotic Packing Features of the LR-1 S

  • Sorting and packing of irregularly shaped fresh produce items

  • Precise produce placement in boxes that optimizes for shipping

  • Up to 500% throughput increase per day

  • Up to 1250 picks per hour per robot for single-pick items

  • Higher throughput total for multi-item pick for specific good types

  • Quick installation, commission time, and time to deployment

  • Designed to retrofit existing packing process or as a stand-alone addition

orange fruits on green leaves

Robots for the fresh food supply chain

Pattern-pack feature

Introducing our Pattern Pack feature to effortlessly organize and pack items based on customizable criteria for transport or exportation, optimizing your packing process based on your unique pack requirements.

a pile of cucumbers sitting next to each other
a pile of cucumbers sitting next to each other
green pear fruits
green pear fruits
a robot that is holding a pineapple topa robot that is holding a pineapple top

Selected Deployments & Use Cases

Precisely Packing Zucchinis

Our robotic system can pack fruits and vegetables that are prone to bruising and scratching - robots do not have finger nails.

We have deployed robots in zucchini operations to pack precisely and with high-quality to ensure a safe transport while optimising the weight per box.

Sorting of Fresh Produce

Our robots are equipped to handle different types of perishable goods, optimizing the freshness and quality throughout their journey.

We have deployed a Lyro robot with a customer in central Queensland to take the pain out of sorting pineapple tops into various sizes to optimise for planting and yield.

Discover the power of our robotic packer in efficiently packing any fruit or vegetable from avocados to zucchinis. With its advanced technology and automated process, our packer offers numerous benefits, ensuring high productivity and quality.

Reliably Packing Avocados

Our robots are at work for one of Australia's leading avocado packers. Each fruit or vegetable is unique in its own way.

We have deployed a robotic system that can adapt to different shapes, sizes, colours and weights to get your fresh produce packed and ready.

One of our deployments was featured by the Qld Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries in 2020.

green and purple avocado fruit lotgreen and purple avocado fruit lot
a Lyro robot packing zucchinia Lyro robot packing zucchini
"With humans, you get human error. The Lyro robot can do the same thing over and over, with quality. That’s what we want."

- Marto Farms

Lyro Solution for Zucchini Packing (LR-0Z, 2021) based on pattern pack requirements for box fill and angled placement of zucchini.

"It’s difficult to keep people focused on boring, unstimulating jobs for long periods of time, but Lyro's robots deliver great results day in day out."

- Litabella Pines

Lyro Solution for Pineapple Top Sorting (LR-0P, 2022) based on visual size estimation to categorize pineapple tops into small, medium and large sortation bins.

"We’ve been struggling to attract workers. Lyro's robot is a great solution to our labour problems."

- Sunnyspot Packhouse

General-Purpose Commercial Solution for Avocado Packing (LR-1S, 2023) that meets pattern pack requirements of 25-pack trays and angled box placement of avocados.

What our customers say

Media and features

Our robotic solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables has been globally recognized by our customer base and has gathered significant media attention.

1. Advanced Intelligent Vision Software: Equipped with highly advanced intelligent vision software, our robots excel in identifying and adapting to a diverse range of items. Their ability to discern different shapes, colours, variations and sizes enables swift item placement in packaging boxes, creating a new benchmark in precision packaging.

2. Optimized Efficiency: Operating tirelessly around the clock, our robots are capable of handling a vast array of products, from the most delicate items to the sturdiest produce, enhancing throughput rates and costs per tray/box/tote.

A logo for Lyro Machine Intelligence
A logo for Lyro Machine Intelligence

3. Tailored Customization: Recognizing that each packing task is unique, our Robotic Pattern Packing system integrates with your existing production lines, tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal functionality. Have a specific pattern-pack that you need to meet? Talk to our team for more information on how we can work to your pack standard.

4. Economic Advantages: Beyond boosting productivity, our robotic solution is a smart economic choice. Robots minimize error, reduce waste, and enhance overall operational efficiency, leading to significant long-term cost savings.

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